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Baroque Style.

The term Baroque, imported from Italy whence it received its name, incarnated the spirit of the Counter Reformation. It is fundamentally a decorative style of capricious, elaborate and ornate forms.

Jose de Churriguera created works so advanced in the style that there is a variant of Baroque architectural decoration known as Churrigueresque.

Baroque, through the Jesuists, impregnated all the religious monuments of preceding epochs superimposing its style on both Gothic and Romanesque with retables full of small pillars and gilding.

In Madrid, the capital of the kingdom, its most important monuments are found: the facade of the Hospicio, Iglesia de Montserrat and the facade of San Cayetano.

But Baroque is present everywhere: Palacio de San Telmo (Seville), Portada del Obradorio (Santiago de Compostela), the church of the Jesuits in Loyola, the facade of the Universidad de Valladolid and the Santuario del Pilar in Zaragoza are all expressions of an art that existed alongside the Herreran style during the Golden Age and lasted until the beginning of the 18th century.