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Prince of Asturias Awards 1996


ARTICLE 1.- Academies, Cultural and Research Centres, Universities and other institutions, such figures whom the Foundation may invite, as well as the members of each of the juries -as long as they do prior to the jury's meeting- may present argued proposals of candidates for the Prince of Asturias Awards.

The members of the Boards of the Prince of Asturias Foundation may not propose any candidate, whether individually, or through organizations which they chair or manage.

ARTICLE 2.- The following documentation should be included with the proposals:

1) Formal proposal, containing the reasons for presenting the candidature, and

2) Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, in accordance with the official model.

The proposal may be accompanied, if appropriate, by other forms of supporting material and, in general, by any document which contributes relevant facts and additional information.

ARTICLE 3.- Proposals may be sent by certified post, electronic mail: Fund_Princip_Astur@servicom.es, or presented at the offices of the Foundation (C/. General Yagüe, 2. 33004 Oviedo. Spain) or at the Spain's diplomatic or consular missions abroad.

The deadline for presentation of candidatures, except for those proposals made by the Jurors, will be the 1st April 1996, at 2 p.m. For the Awards for Sports, International Cooperation and Concord the deadline will be until the 31st July, at 2 p.m.

ARTICLE 4.- Candidatures which do not fulfil the above requisites will not be admited.

In any case, documentation presented will not be returned, not will correspondence be held regarding it.

ARTICLE 5.- Each of the Awards granted will have its own Jury, whose members will be nominated by the Foundation.

ARTICLE 6.- Each Jury will have a Chairperson, chosed by the members of the Jury from among their own number, and a Secretary nominated by the Foundation. At the first meeting, the Secretary will declare the Jury convened, proceeding thereafter to the election of the Chairperson.

It is the task of the Chairperson to direct the Jury's deliberations and such votes as may arise; and that of the Secretary is to keep minutes of the sessions and to interpret these Regulations.

ARTICLE 7.- The vote should be cast in person by each member of the Jury while it is in session. The Awards will be granted to the candidates obtaining a majority of the votes of each Jury. In the case of a draw the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

ARTICLE 8.- The Award may not be granted posthumously, nor to members of the Boards of the Foundation, and shall be granted to a single individual, group or institution. Exceptionally, the Award may be shared when the merits of the people, groups or institutions proposed are very clearly complementary.

ARTICLE 9.- Each Prince of Asturias Award comprises a diploma, a distinctive symbol representing the prize -consisting of a sculpture by Joan Miró-, an insignia with the arms of the Foundation and a cash prize of five million pesetas.

To receive the sculpture, the insignia and the cash prize, the prizewinner must be present at the solemn prize-giving ceremony.