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Awards and Special Recognition

Sí, Spain currently receives over 12,000 accesses from 1,400 hosts per day. Following are some of the awards and special recognition it has received.
  • listed in the June 1995 issue of the magazine "PC World" (Spanish Edition) as one of the top 50 Web sites in the world.

  • listed in the Point Communications Top 5% Reviews.

  • nominated as best cultural site for the Canadian Internet Awards at the Net '95 Conference.

  • selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a "4-Star" site. This is the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews. Search the Web using Magellan:

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  • The February 4, 1996 issue of the Barcelona newspaper 'La Vanguardia' listed "Sí,Spain", among YaHoo and Netscape, as a key Spanish Web Site.

  • chosen by the Magellan Internet Directory for inclusion in its feature News page, in the week ending March 9, 1996.

  • chosen to appear in the book, Walking the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition, a listings guide containing the finest and most interesting sites currently on the Web.

  • chosen by America Online to appear in a special service they provide to their members -- an index of the best and most useful web sites.

  • chosen by Europe Online as one of the "The Best of Europe" web sites.

  • Mundo Internet '97. Chosen as "The Best non-profit Informative" Web site.

  • jointly established by Sharp Corporation and Fujitsu Corporation, features "Sí Spain" in it's "Trip around the World" presentation in Japan.

  • omputer for alle magazine has selected "Sí, Spain" to be included into their new CD-Rom Web site Pages, for all of Scandinavia..

  • has chosen "Sí Spain" as the best Spanish site in their EU project for the "Citizens of Europe".

  • has chosen "Sí Spain" as an "OUTSTANDING Destination Website" and a featured website for the month of June 1997.
  • has chosen "Sí Spain" for the "Web Feet Seal of Approval" and appears in the 'The Internet Traveler's Desk Reference'.

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